The book Shelf

Some of my most cherished moments involve a cup of coffee or tea, nature sounds or gospel music, and inspirational reading -- the Bible or a great book. During my darkest moments, as Jesus guided me through the wilderness, I cried, prayed, read, and listened. Here are some of my favorite books.  Audiobooks are a great alternative or supplement.  I often listen when I'm walking the dogs or on the treadmill. 

Keep the positive readings/writings, prayers, and thoughts close by throughout the day as part of your spiritual armor. 

  • Jakes Coleman, Cora. (2019). Ferocious warrior:  dismantle your enemy and rise.  Charisma House.
  • Trimm, Cindy. (2014).  Reclaim your soul: your journey to personal empowerment.  Destiny Image Publishers, Inc. 
  • Trimm, Cindy. (2018).  Hello, tomorrow: the transformational power of vision.  Charisma House.
  • Trimm, Cindy. (2015).  Prevail: discover your strength in hard places.  Destiny Image Publishers, Inc. 
  • Hatmaker, Jen. (2020).  Fierce, free and full of fire.  Nelson Books.
  • Hatmaker, Jen. (2017).  Of mess and moxie. Nelson Books
  • Brown, Brene. (2017).  Braving the wilderness: the quest for true belonging and the courage to stand alone.  Random House.
  • Allen, Jennie. (2020).  Get out of your head: stopping the spiral of toxic thoughts.  Waterbrook/Penguin Random House.
  • Dalton, Tonya. (2019).  The joy of missing out: live more by doing less.  Nelson Books.
  • Jeffress Sadler, Julia. (2019).  Pray big things: the surprising life God has for you when you're bold enough to ask.   Baker Books.  
  • Neves, Antonio (2021).  Stop living on autopilot:  take responsibility for your life and rediscover a bolder, happier you.  Penguin Random House.
  • Levy, Alexander (2000).  The orphaned adult:  understanding and coping with grief and change after the death of our parents.  Da Capo Lifelong Books.